Saturday, August 11, 2012

Cottages & Creatures

Yes, you can survive building a home.  Headaches, insomnia, second guessing and doubt may try to become your new friends.  Sometimes, when you are in the process it is helpful to see that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  So I have added a few pictures from our experience.  For me personally, I loved the process of building.  My spouse….well…let’s just say he is glad it is over.  After years of remodeling older homes; I was ready to build so that we could create the home that would meet our needs.  It was time to downsize (yes that applied to even my antique collection) now that our children were grown.  So the idea of a cottage was born!  That would leave more time to ride, travel, and spend time with family.  Though the cottage will be forever in the process of fine tuning; it is at last finished. Okay, maybe ready for occupants….homes are never really finished. 

Hard to believe a little wooden stake could command so much time and attention!  It was moved a few inches this way and a few inches that way before the right spot was found.

Six months later it was hard to believe that we had come this far!  Time to turn our attention to the property and make decisions on fencing and gardens.

Our sweet Black Lab Traveler didn't really care where the front door was located.   His main concern was where his food bowl would be located.

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