Monday, September 24, 2012

Antique Silver

As the days grow shorter and the fall shadows grow longer we all turn our thoughts to the upcoming holidays.   This past weekend my thoughts turned out to be two day re-do of the cottage.  Am I ready for the holidays? No not yet, there will be more "re-doing".  I am sure of that.  Time to pull out some favorite items that have been stored and work them into my rooms.  Especially silver.  Antique silver and silver plate add that little "extra touch" to most any room.  Pile all your silver napkin rings in a big silver bowl for an instant centerpiece.  Fill large urns, coffee pots, or champagne buckets with hydrangeas or fall branches for impact.  To reduce your time cleaning silver; just wipe on a good quality polish and let it dry.  When dry buff with a very soft cotton rag. I love old flannel sheets or fabric that is cut into 8' x 8" squares.  This method requires much less time and polishing.  In my silver cleaning basket along with my flannel pieces I also have a container of cotton swabs and a soft baby's toothbrush.  These pieces come in handy for small areas, handles, and detailed designs.   If you have sterling silver pieces where the hallmarks are no longer easy to see; try dipping the end of a wooden match (the square end) into polish then place over the marks twisting slowly.  You may need to do this several times to fully clean the marks.  A cotton swab can help finish the job too.  Below are so pictures of antique silver I enjoyed; hope you will also!

                                           (photo by Jennifer Jordan)

                              (Designer Toby Marks--Southern Accents)

                            (Designer J Betancourt & P Sherrill--Veranda)

               Pale pink roses, evergreens, and one of my silver French timbales
                                                    (photo by me)

Thursday, September 20, 2012


The official day for the beginning of Fall this year is Sept 22nd; however, this morning I felt it had arrived.  I went for a ride through the woods and bridle trials with a friend this morning and we could just feel it in the air.  Cool and crisp the temperatures were 20 degrees lower than just a few weeks ago.  My faithful mount, Ben, seemed pleased with the change in weather and moved briskly along on a loose rein with ears forward.  I felt he enjoyed the change in the weather as much as I did.   My friend is getting her new horse ready for the upcoming fox hunting season here in Aiken.   Next week he gets to “meet the hounds”.   As we talked about the hunt season; I began to think about my equestrian inventory…..time for my late fall trip to England.  Below are a few items that I have shipped this past week or two to fellow equestrians. 

                                                   (photo by me)

         Fine leather case with silver plate sandwich box and drink flask

(photo by me)

Fine English Sterlin Silver Napkin Ring Holders Horse Shoe Shaped

                                                 (photo by me)

       Exceptional English Inwell with Pen Wipe in Form of Boot & Crop

                                                   (photo by me)

                           A set of four  Gucci stirrup cups; still available

Friday, September 14, 2012

Cottages & Creatures

At last! A touch of Fall is in the air.  We have actually had a few nights in the 50's and the weather has been lovely for watching the sunsets on the back porch.  Though each season has its own special charm; fall might be my favorite of all!  Turtlenecks and flannel shirts make me happy after a long hot summer.  Pansies and pumpkins also!  As I begin to plan my fall gardens my thoughts turn to the inside of my new cottage.  Chesapeake's Cottage is in need of a coffee or cocktail table.  My favorite pine table is too big for my little cottage and other pieces I have are...well just not right.  One day I think round maybe an overstuffed ottoman.   Maybe 2 small storage cubes, maybe a wicker trunk on wheels, maybe a glass top iron table.   I keep looking around my storage room thinking surely an antique dealer would have something that would work....especially for her own house.  So as of this firm decision has been made.  But the journey has been fun!  Have a great weekend!

                                          (photo from Country Living)
                                              Perfect for little ones! 

                                        (photo from House Beautiful)

                                           (photo from HGTV)

(photo HGTV)

                                                (photo Simon Uption)
I love this table but it needs to be lower!

(photo Veranda)

Such a peaceful room and great table too!

             (photo Veranda)  

                     Another great table!