Monday, August 13, 2012

Shopping Portbello Road Market for Antiques

Getting to Portobello Road Market

By London tube; follow directions for your location or hotel to Notting Hill Gate station.  When exiting look for signs to direct you to Portobello Rd Market or if you go on a Saturday morning just follow the other eager shoppers.   It is best to arrive early if you are a serious shopper.  If you just want to browse and do not mind the crowds, then you could sleep in and still enjoy yourself arriving later.  A large section of Portobello Road is closed to traffic most of the day which then becomes a pedestrian pathway. 

    Turn right onto Pembridge and then make a left on Portobello Rd

By Taxi; most mornings when I go early and am shopping alone; I will take a taxi.  I find it easier to have the taxi take me to the corner of Portobello Road and Westbourne Grove.  This corner is also a good spot for catching a taxi at the end of the day especially if you find that you have bought more than you expected.  Trust me; it could happen! 

A few tips about how to fund your day of shopping
--Obviously cash is king when it comes to buying antiques. You will want to explore the best method that works best for you if you are going to carry cash.  Consider putting some in a pocket, some in a purse, and some in your cell phone holder.
--If you decide on cash just use caution and do not draw too much attention to yourself.
ATM’s may or may not be available; I have read that they are working to fix the situation at the market.  But, lines are usually long.
--If you do run out of cash and really find something you just have to have then ask about using credit card.  Some dealers will take credit cards; they normally add an extra fee and often the small dealers inside a building (where there are multiple dealers) have to use the management’s credit card processor.  Almost without exception they will ask you to follow them to the front of the store where they will process the transaction. 
--If you are there to buy large amounts or are a dealer; you can work with a shipper/broker and they will handle the costs for you up to an amount you deposit with them thereby avoiding carrying cash around. 
--There are several good shippers available at the Market and the turn around time is very good depending on the shipping method you choose.  You can package and send small items home.  Some of the post offices have boxes available and there are “small packing shops” that carry packing supplies also.  I usually leave home with several small shipping boxes that I place in the bottom of my suitcase (unfolded).  I also save room in my suitcase for scissors, tape, and labels so that I am ready for the first day of buying.

    Saturday mornings by 11am the street and sidewalks are crowded

Enjoy some of the gardens you will pass on the way to the Market


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