Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Foire de Chatou-Antiquing outside of Paris

 I have been in Paris for four days shopping for antiques at St. Ouen and other areas in Paris.  Today I ventured out to the Foire de Chatou the antiques and brocante market outside Paris.   A show that combines antiques and ham; yes I said ham.  Ham, ham, and more ham.  I lost count of the vendors offering ham served in so many ways. 

Now back to the antique part….if you are the casual collector or an avid collector you will enjoy this market.  Fine silver, furniture, paintings, architectural items, country French, and vintage items are in abundance at Chatou.   The market is held twice yearly and the fall 2014 market is in process.  The show ends October 5.   So if you are in Paris over the next few days you may want to try and visit for an afternoon.  It is a short journey out of Paris and from most locations it should take about 30 minutes.  The market is outside, rain or shine.  Wear comfortable shoes and take an umbrella.  Bargaining with sellers is normal.   But bargaining that is done respectfully leaves everyone happy with the outcome.   The market provides a tram that will take you from the train station to the show and back to the station. It is a funny little tram that will put a smile on your face.  

The website for the show is;

You will need to take the RER A train outside of Paris to the Rueil-Malmaison station.   Check the connections of the Metro near where you are staying to find the station that will connect with the RER A train.  You will need to buy a ticket for an outside Paris destination; one for each way.   Today the cost was 3.60Euro each way.   You will be traveling in the direction of St. German-en-lalye.  So be sure when you change from the Metro to the RER that you go to the right platform.    Check to see that the train is stopping at  Rueil Malmasson .  Once you arrive at the station; exit and look for a large advertising sign for the Foire de Chatou and yes it does have a pig on the sign.  Ham and pigs, it is the theme of the market.  I had to walk around the outside of the  station to find it so just be patient and you will find it also.   Just wait a few minutes and Voila….the funny little tram will appear.  And your adventure is almost about to begin.



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