Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day in New York City

Time has escaped me these last few months.  Maybe it was the extreme winter that left me with little time and energy to add to my blog.  It seems just less than 10 weeks ago I was dealing with freezing temperatures and deciding how many blankets to put on the horses.  Today, Mother Nature has given me a different set of issues to contemplate.   The temperatures in were in the high 90’s and all blankets were packed away.

This afternoon I arrived back at the farm after a long weekend in New York City.  Months ago I mentioned to my husband that I wanted to go visit my youngest daughter for Mother’s Day.  This is an American celebration that dates back to the early 1900’s.  In 1914 U.S. President Woodrow Wilson declared by presidential proclamation that Mother’s Day would fall on the second Sunday in May.

Since I was last in the City my daughter and her husband had purchased a place in the Upper East Side. They had previously lived in the Village and Tribeca.   I am so familiar with many areas in the City after living there part time; however, each neighborhood  offers comforts and close conveniences that only a large city can offer.  My husband needed a shoe repair shop within hours of arrival and he found one less than a block a way that could meet his needs.   Seafood, wine, flowers, fresh vegetables, a park to exercise…all these needs could be met without traveling far. 

It was a grand glorious weekend that included a visit to the New York Botanical Gardens and a vigorous hike through Harlem on a quest for the best Burrata in the City.   My daughter had been told that Casa Della Mozzarella on Arthur Avenue held fast to the honor of the best of the best.   We had visions of creamy mozzarella and crusty bread that would be the stars of our picnic in the Gardens.   So my son-in-law laden with a full back pack was gracious enough to “transport our picnic with a smile”.   The Botanical Gardens were in full bloom and a picnic with cheese, bread, and wine offered the crowning touch.   The next evening we spent one evening on a roof top playing Scrabble and watching the sun set over Manhattan. 

 Our Daughter and Son-in- Law enjoying the Cherry Blossoms in the Gardens

Before we could blink….it was time to leave and head back to Aiken.  The horses and our Lab, Traveler received great care in our absence.  Tonight Traveler and I sat out on the back veranda until the last bit of sunlight had faded.   I traded the sound of honking taxies and sirens for the sounds of crickets and the beautiful songs of Whippoorwills.   Without a doubt; I realize a part of me belongs in the city and a part of me belongs in the country. 




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