Sunday, June 9, 2013

“Garden as though you will live forever.”

William Kent is quoted as saying “Garden as though you will live forever.”  I will embrace his words as I undertake the acres surrounding Chesapeake’s Cottage.  William was a highly regarded English architect, landscaper, and furniture designer in the 18th Century.  His accomplishments include; The Temple of Ancient Virtue, Stowe; Badminton House; Houghton Hall; along with other distinguished homes and gardens in England.

As I begin the fine-tuning process of my stable my thoughts race ahead to the surrounding landscape and inevitably I think about how it will relate to the entire property.   I trust Mr. Kent and will forge ahead knowing that it will take time to see my landscape reach maturity.   

Today I came across some breathtaking English homes with glorious gardens that just happen to be for sale.  These were highlighted in today’s Telegraph UK.  I will be looking for ideas and hope you will find some also. 
Four photos from Telegraph UK
Just had to include one of my all time favorites!
Photo Veranda Magazine
Sunrise on a foggy blank slate...
quite a bit of work ahead of me

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