Saturday, February 23, 2013


It has been rainy and foggy for two straight days here in South Carolina.   Thursday was the last I was able to ride and the weather was so very nice that I went on a long ride with several of my friends.   I stayed way too long at the barn afterwards.  Yesterday, I spent more time getting acquainted with my new computer which was easier to do since I could not ride due to the heavy rain.   Change can be very good; however, I find myself more resistant to change when it involves computers, cameras, and phones.  Today, I decided to take a break and focus on a future barn design for my property.  I could just use the search feature on my new computer and not worry for several hours about  all the more detailed features of the new computer.  What type of design, stalls, type of roof, flooring, lighting, tack room, feed room, wash stall? So many things to think about and of course every barn looks better with the right landscaping.   The rain? The new computer?  They are still here; I just forgot about them for awhile.
I am ready to have the pastures green again!  My friend Karen and her horse Bandit enjoying
                                     the final lush days of  the pasture in late fall.  My photos
Good design buts needs some lush landscaping
I could be happy with this garden at one end of the stable!
Veranda Magazine

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