Tuesday, October 9, 2012


The weather has been great for the last week.  So great that it has had an impact on my schedule and work.  I find it so difficult to think about leaving the barn and coming back to my desk.  Very cool mornings that warm up to  comfortable temperatures are my ideal for riding.   Once out in the fields and bridlepaths it is hard to head back to the barn and reality.

To add to the distractions the weather causes; the fall polo season is in full swing.  The past weekend I left the barn then headed over to watch hunter trials and then a polo match.   Far too many choices are coming up over the next weeks...might have to start taking my Ipad and try to fit some work in there somewhere. 

I have new inventory for my antique business that needs to be photographed and listed.  A buying trip that needs final plans.  Well, maybe tomorrow.

            My friend Kate and her Belgium Paint, Cracker Jack leading the way

                               Beautiful blue fall sky at the hunter trials
                                                    (photo by me)

                                     Action packed fall afternooon
                                            (photo Aiken Polo)

                                      Who can resist a face like this?
                                                (photo Aiken Polo)

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